When The Distance Made Your Relationship

Relationship is more complex nowadays. I’m talking about “relationship”, not just ordinary relationship, you know. Focusing to my relationship with my girlfriend as subject matter.

Hand on Hand

Our relationship comes into the 4th year, in this very long times, we both know that we’ve been trough everything together, sadness, happiness, even tears sometimes. That stuffs seem regular in any relationship. So where’s the part which becomes complicated? There is a very long distance -I mean it literally- which has been separated us since 2010 till I don’t even know, well let me say maybe till I graduated from college which also I don’t know exactly when is it. This goddamn part going more complex than before.

Let me say that we’ve been trough this very long and hardest time in our relationship even there are a lot of problems come and go we can solve wisely. These things make us more patient, wiser, and know each other deeper. No matter how hard this relationship, at least it can makes me and us learn about everything.

Text More, Call Most

Stay in touch, stay connected no matter something happen with you, don’t make her/him not knowing your recent condition. 5W1H applied. I’m not talking about just  regular communication here, it’s something deeper and more complex than just communication I talked about. But however It seems simple, you can try then you will know the time when texts even calls are not enough if you haven’t see each other in a very long time.

The Time Made You then The Time Made Us

Everything was happening, in your place right now and in her/his place right now. The time flies make everything different perfectly. Your habit-being-in-relationship maybe different by everything comes up and shows up to your daily life right now. It might be your and her/his activities which is different to each other.

Day by day, month by month, then year by year, both of us are going to doing activity every single day which this activity -once again- is different to each other. Finally, this long time might be well-made us different than me and us before. But we know that it doesn’t affects our commitment with something no-good, because many times we had a lot of problems it means many times we had a lot of times to learn about something behind of all. The time made our ideas about relationship  is more open than before, the time made us grow up together and then realize that we have to see each other next time if we have a right time together because we need the time that we can spend together no matter how short the time it is.

Not Me, Not You, But Us

I always feel be the person who more perfect and more grow up in this relationship. But it’s wrong, damn wrong if you make your own position in relationship like that. You know, being in relationship is all about “Us” because we can’t call this stuff “relationship” if there is not something connecting between you and her/him. If you belong in relationship, please more thinking about us, not just thinking about your own self, goddamn it!

The Older Someone Might Be Better, The Newer Someone Might Be Worse

Every possibilities might be happen. Right now, since there is a very long distance between you and her/him, you might be know everyone new. Some girls/guys might be your type or might be remembering you about her/him who lives there in a very long distance from you. But always remember, you’re not in the situation which can make you be able to well-thinking, beside that, how can the newer someone will be the someone who better than the older someone when the older someone always still loves you and waiting you patiently no matter how long and how far this relationship is?

Patience and enough time which can you spend together, both are the key. I know now.

Distance is NOT Everything

Maybe you and I feel that this long distance is mother of problems in this situation. But, once if you think positively, and make some other point of views, you will know that distance might be the wise-betweener for you and her/him. Distance can makes you realize that our true-love is always around us, despite there are some distances between, you still able to stay in touch with her/him by this stuff called internet nowadays. Distances makes you focus on your career, once you’ve reached your career or something like career you will have a happily-after family which is you and your girlfriend/boyfriend from the past long-distance-relationship in there.

—– : ~ ~ : —–

This is me, write this not as a perfect person who in the perfect relationship. This is me, just an ordinary guy who wants to be in a relationship going trough this long distance perfectly.


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  1. Yay, that's right, for me, distance means nothing, as long as I trust him and it's for another important part of our life that we called future so distance really means nothing.

  2. whatever it is. But that's sound great, not really bad. 😀
    keep fighting and keep dreaming in the relationship ya, so finally u can show the beautiful way to redeem all the difficulties that have been experienced. 😛

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