Internal Server Error

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Memories are crumbling, shattering, in the small little space of RAM.
Twisted with others because you are doing too much multitasking.
The old ones are not done yet, meanwhile the new ones are always trying to sign in.
Crash like has been injected by super virus created by anonymous.
It looks like…
The server has a problem, the great and epic problem.
Even AVG paid version is not be able to work again. RAM doesn’t have any space memory left.
Hacking and cracking are not easy-to-do solutions. Beside you can’t even do that.
Shutting down process takes a long hours going to just like forever.
Internal server error. The goddamn cause are not found yet.
The brainware stressing out facing this goddamn software’s and hardware’s problems.
Yank the power cord out then take the harddrive out. Those are all you can to do.
Internal server error, the error owns internal server now.

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