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Chaotic Mind Talking

I saw some cluttered desks, in my home, in that office I’ve visited too. Seems describing their thoughts are also being messy and cluttered. Just like their own desk.

Mine too, messy and cluttered. Just like my own mind.

Someone taught me to make my mind rearranged. I dont have anything to be argued. That’s true, everything I have not done yet are cluttering in my mind.


I always blaming the time like “why is it just 24 hours” or something, whatever. I always stuck in the circumstances forcing me to do so much stuffs in same and very-short time.

Then I do this.

I always sleep over at 3 am, working on some stuffs, but still, other some new stuffs queued during next days. Doesn’t seem like a good solution. Bags below my eyes are getting worse then.

But I never try this.

Make my mind rearranged. Just let the desk being cluttered as always. But dont my mind. Just like that someone told me to.

  • Trying to focus to only one stuff based on it priority level. Yeah, I did the priority-level thing, but why I didn’t use it for all the time sake was left behind.
  • Dont confusing the must-to-do-stuff with my hobbies. Still, there is a plenty of time I can do these for my own happiness sake.
  • Trying to reschedule everything, my hobbies included. My mind have to be refreshed before I do the-must-to-do-stuffs. 


And hope this will work.


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