Every Woman You Met Has Her Own Song

Girls, mothers, aunts, female, I’d love to call them woman in this post. Not just woman sounds more general, “higher” or “grown up”, but it’s because something I’m going to tell here now.

Woman, in this life never makes a men boring, never has no story to be told by every men who has met one of them, woman. Even many song writers tell you about them, woman, in their song’s lyric. But I couldn’t guarantee if every bloggers tell about them too like I do now.

Truly, I don’t know exactly what the point I want to tell you guys in this post. But um, let me tell you this one story.

Blog makmalf - Every Woman You Met Has Her Own Song
“Never makes a men boring” – Coyote Ugly Movie Poster

Back in that day, it was just the day like any usual days always go by. The earth was still spinning, the wind was blowing, the sun was still shining, was not raining I guess. What about the traffic that day? Jammed as always. I didn’t know, suddenly I realized that women I always met before was looking more interested than so so many days before. Prettier, more and more. I didn’t know about something or anything could gave her power to being more.

No twisted ending, because yes I did the thing. Just like any other single men knowing any single women is prettier than many woman around her. I tried to make some chit chat with her, didn’t go well at first, but it gone well finally as the chit chat we made gone more far and deeper. Yeah, I saw something more than just her good looking face, something more than anything which any man look at her from the outside of her. It’s something like the way she told about her ideas, yeah anything, whatsoever, she showed off her idealized version to me. Yes I saw it, didn’t doubt what I saw.

Days gone, some memories about her might be gone as well, considering the capacity of my brain. I realized, I gone too much, it was just an hello effect I guess. Now, she is my girlfriend of my life. LOL. But it’s okay, because if that day didn’t happen like the way I just told, I don’t even know that she is the women I can share everything like anything with. No drama, only with her I can make this relationship more realistic. I mean, sometimes we argue about something, I make mistake, she makes mistake, and that’s okay, we’re still going through together, none of them, problems, we took too far.

No scheduled phone calls required, no regular morning texts required, we still together for 1 year now. We are doing it calm. I am doing too calm, maybe. lol

And…. There’s something I always wonder, if I’m listening to this brand new song, released far far away from that day which is the funniest thing, the moment of that day is screening again in my head, sitting on the desk with her, knowing her loving me so much nowadays. I don’t know, still searching what makes this song could be related to her in “that day version”.

#nowplaying Night Changes By One Direction

O yeah, maybe the video clip could be the answer.



And what I’m wondering too is, how can I listening to One Direction? I think I lost my genre.


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  1. man, Couldn't agree more with comment above, it's really nice when reading love from man point of view. Somehow, its feels a little bit confuse yet so sure, melancholic yet so powerful and no doubt if she read this, she'll feel so happy, she is so lucky to having a men that so sure about his feeling. and 5 years 😀 I should learn from you then.

    PS : I just heard the song from this post and I starting to love it 😀

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