Yo, Dude. Please Tell Me ’bout Your Head

Yo, Dude. Yes you, the one with that bigger head than everyone’s.
Please tell me a little bit ’bout your head.
Why is it too big? Because, you seem have a too tiny, too small, too little brain inside.
Why are you so nosy and so busy with anyone’s businesses, because all of them are not even your businesses at all. 
Then why are you so serious taking care of them? Because you have no any idea about the real problem inside their businesses. Even the problem itself does not affect to your  fvckin miserable life right now.
Yo, Dude. Really, I want know why, because I’m wondering in this modern life, there is still a dude living, who has a fuvkin huge skull like a Meganthropus living on this world million years ago.

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