Do Things With Love

Lately, I frequently find myself so hard to have a good mood when working on some stuffs.

There is one story left behind. When I was a younger boy and my body a little bit thicker. I didnt have any idea what if someday which is the day right now, I will be a thin kinda guy who be able to do these stuffs: web programming and get some money from it. Program so much sites around the world. I’ve done some project form Africa and France by the way. I realized, some of my dreams came true. I felt grateful for what I’ve done, reached, and become right now. I truly did grateful until I realize that I’m running out of the time, because in the meantime, I’ve been studying at this university – a not-so well-known university in Bandung, Indonesia, forcing me to do some other stuffs which is I dont like very much: the final exam and essay. That is the stuff messing around the other stuffs. Too much stuffs. That’s the thing which makes me boring. Dont have a mood yet and dont have much time I can use it to playing around yet.

And… that’s all.

Just give me a space to breath, wanna watch movies so bad. I heard the new season of Game of Throne has released, so give me a free weekend too. I promise, I will do these things with love as before.


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