We are Living on Earth Full of Codes

These codes wired to each other. From building to building, from machine to machine, from home to home.

But… still we kinda have no idea about what’s going on here.

Where are we? Machine knows where we are. But what are they? we have no idea what they are. actually. sadly.

Post your made-up photos on instagram. What’s behind the Instagram? Actually, we have no idea.

Post your cluttered mind on facebook. What’s behind the Facebook? Actually, we have no idea.

Got your money on e-banking. Spend your money with e-payment. Where’s your money actually? How much? We have no any ideas sadly. It turns out that your money is only goddamn binary.

We’re not using tech. We’re used out by tech.

We’re used out by a billion lines of codes. But still, we have no idea, even just a single line of them.

And.. Hell yeah, I’m a programmer, dudes. Gotcha!


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