Cybercrime, Is It A Kind of Crime? Really?

Talk about cybercrime, anyone can be a criminal nowadays. A criminal who be able to feels like not a criminal. All they do is typing, editing, and posting, what’s so matter with that then? 

I know, cyber crime is not only that kinda stuffs. It might be hacking-cracking activities as well. In this post, that’s not the topic, it’s too technical. Just let the the cops do the part. Here, let’s talk about the grey line which is really there.

Right now, as I write this, In Indonesia, will be held presidential election next year. There are two big strongholds behind the two candidates. Both have their unique version for almost anything about what matter behind these circumstances of this country really is, including economical problem, racial problem, communism issue, …. and so on. But the big matter is, they always post a different fact about the same situation. Yes, it’s a fact and the situation they talk about is the same, but once again, it’s a fact yet different. It sounds so confusing.

From that confusion, I realize, It’s not about the differences of point of view, it’s  more about what side we are in. So once a fact happened but it’s not become a plus value for side we are in, why don’t we just go to post an article confirms that the fact is not a fact -in short- it’s just a hoax?

With the regulation controlling our activities using internet (social medias, to be specifically), even a politician and their group behind him/her can be a criminal. They post too many hoaxes, even their single line of tweet can make these people of country in a mess. What a big crime.

So what is then? Nothing, as usual, they just go to a police station because of the mess he/she/they created. Don’t feel like a criminal at all, even they can be threatened with imprisonment for being a criminal.

Are you doing a cybercrime too? Yes you are, but nothing to worry about, you are not doing a crime though.

…. that’s the grey line I talked about.

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