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We’ve Got Married, and We Have To Go to Singapore.

Going to Singapore, just the two of us, it’s just always be a topic in our little chit chat since we date. Now we got married. So, why don’t we make it to be true?

This year, on the 7th of July, we’ve officially become a married couple, about 4 weeks passed from that day, we took the vacation. My wife were on 3 weeks pregnant, hell, it is too risky, but we both wanna go to see Singapore so badly… So “let’s take the risk”, I said.

We spent 3 nights at Fragrance Pearl Hotel, location at Geylang District. Yes you read it right, it’s Geylang with so many “dirty” story up on its street.  It’s a red district, so the cheapest yet comfort hotels in Singapore are easy to be found here. Beside that, so many foods ~halal foods, to be specifically~ we can eat here. There’s a halal food restaurant with so many options and a big –hunger– portion and it’s cheap. What about the hotel itself? It’s comfort enough, not very spacious, but it has a big window with neighbourhood view.

1st day

After we arrived, we straight to our hotel, didn’t go to anywhere else before. We stayed in our room until night and take a walk on neighbourhood to see what we have here for the next days.

2nd day

Bugis Street is our priority, we’ve got a lot of families and friends are waiting. So we do the first priority. Buy some gifts for them. There are so many stuffs sold with cheap and negotiable price. T-Shirt, key tags, etc etc.

3rd day

It’s our day, holiday. Marina Bay, see Merlion Park which is very instagram-able, take some photographs. yeah, it’s nowadays kind of vacation.

4th day

Sightseeing the Changi Airport, but never mind we had to go home, Indonesia.

Once again, it’s too risky vacation. So we knew each other about the risks we probably gonna have there, we prepared for the worst. So many places we planned, but the plan is just a plan. My wife was not on her usually stable condition, she was carrying our 3 weeks baby. Because of that, sadly, the two Universal Studio tickets we bought were just become the two pieces of paper. What matter is, safety is our priority. We both knew the risk, and it was not worth it for just a place we could go there again whenever we want.

Lesson learned: don’t go to honeymoon if your wife is pregnant already, because it sounds like a comedy. 😁

soon will be here again

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