Dewa, The First Indonesian Band I’ve Ever Loved in My Life

Talk about Dewa, it means talk about some parts of my childhood as well. It’s “Cintailah Cinta“, the album which successfully bought my heart to love their songs, and it was on 2002, back to almost two decades ago. I fell in love with every single song in that album.

That day, there are some Indonesian pop bands/musicians, let say Sheila On 7 and Padi they were very popular too, but Dewa, they have a very special place in my heart. No other Indonesian band/musician can buy my heart as much as Dewa.

There’s a memory about the first number of that “Cintailah Cinta” album.

It was a holiday based on I remembered, 2002, I just kid, 10 years kid was attending to high school farewell ceremony. There were some attractions, and everything including a student band performed “Arjuna”, the first number of “Cintailah Cinta” album. That time, I’ve already heard Dewa and all the songs of course, as they were so happening that day. I just kid, as kid, anything I want can be changed suddenly. When they were performing, I said: “I want to be a musician and playing guitar like a superstar, like Dewa did.” And here I’m right now, coding.. but sometime I play guitar.

How about now? Dewa still on my top playlist. At least, until “Republika Cinta” album. Time changed, Dewa changed as well, then I knew something totally weird, something bad will be happened just after Ahmad Dhani (leader of the band) decided to buy a song called “Neng Neng Nong Neng” from a guy who participated the Indonesian Idol audition.

Now, He becomes a politician. I knew it right, absolutely right.


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