So.. where has my money gone?

I’m working as programmer, mostly all I do is do all that stuffs remotely (read: remote working). Counting days since the past 2012, honestly, I can’t reach the 4 digits stable-salary kind of yet, but most of these times, -thanks god- it’s more than what I expected, and sometimes, it’s more than what I needed. For this kinda lifestyle, plus I live in little country called Majalengka, Indonesia, 3 digits/month (actually it always reach almost 4 digits) is more than enough, and it’s far above the minimum average salary here where I just spend below 3 USD for one time eating (with a lot foods and enough nutrition) with my wife everyday. So, the big question is, where has the rest of my money gone? 🙁

It’s my big budget hobbies (it’s very big for me) which are taking the biggest part as a background to this situation. From audio, video games, and wrist watches. And the last is my new hobby. All that stuffs are just toys.

I have to re-think and re-manage the flow of my cash. Because, let’s say I don’t have to spend so much money for daily life, everyday, it’s enough, even we can stay live healthy with less money, the daily costs are cheap here as well. But once I spend my money for those hobbies, it takes the biggest portion of my cash. Everytime I want to buy those stuffs, the same reason always force me to just do those stuffs:

“come on dude, you have worked very hard, day and night, why don’t you cheers yourself with some toys?”

… and as you expected, I bought it.

Ooo boy, when am I can just shut down all of those stuffs?

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