2020, Again, New Calendar Again

New calendar again and again

Goodbye, 2019. Here comes the 2020.

Some things great came to me on 2019:

  1. We have a baby, a girl. I will write a very detailed about this.. next post maybe 🙂
  2. A proper chair for me working day and night
  3. Playing my next satisfying video game since GTA V: Death Stranding, thanks to my wife gave me this as a gift. :))
  4. Playing by learning a digital piano, it is my second instrument since I always play guitar for years

Some things good I’m waiting for in 2020:

  • A job promotion
  • A proper sofa for us watching a movie
  • Ended the Death Stranding. Please don’t tell me the spoiler. (looking forward to a very long gaming session, which is a very rare thing lately)
  • Yiruma – River Flows in You played well by me
  • Healthier life, be grateful anytime

Thank you God, for everything. I mean EVERYTHING

Photo by Harry Cunningham - @harry.digit from Pexels

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