About me


You can call me Akmal. From Indonesia. I live with my wife. Working as lead developer at a private company, Olsera since July 2016. I speak these languages very well: PHP, JS using modern frameworks, and other web programming/technology stuffs. It’s quite fun years of  journey since 2011.

For the sake of happiness and experiences, I use my spare time to get some projects done with some old friends, and so here I’m looking forward to see some new friends. A lot of friends will be fun, right?

I love gaming, especially gaming with my PS4. My favourite game so far is still Grand Theft Auto V (don’t judge me, stay alert, it might be updated).

I love watching movies. “Forest Gump” is my favourite so far.

I love music. Listen and play it. I play guitar so much. Not great, tho. Fun fact is: music was become my professional activity, kind of.

I love you guys, who stumble upon on this page and going to read my blog here.

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