Cybercrime, Is It A Kind of Crime? Really?

Talk about cybercrime, anyone can be a criminal nowadays. A criminal who be able to feels like not a criminal. All they do is typing, editing, and posting, what’s so matter with that then?  I know, cyber crime is not only that kinda stuffs. It might be hacking-cracking activities as well. In this post, that’s […]

Dewa, The First Indonesian Band I’ve Ever Loved in My Life

Talk about Dewa, it means talk about some parts of my childhood as well. It’s “Cintailah Cinta”, the album which successfully bought my heart to love their songs, and it was on 2002, back to almost two decades ago. I fell in love with every single song in that album. That day, there are some […]

We’ve Got Married, and We Have To Go to Singapore.

Going to Singapore, just the two of us, it’s just always be a topic in our little chit chat since we date. Now we got married. So, why don’t we make it to be true? This year, on the 7th of July, we’ve officially become a married couple, about 4 weeks passed from that day, […]

Fanatisme Buta, Benalu Raksasa Kemajuan Bangsa

Peristiwa kemarin, yupe lagi-lagi, nyawa seseorang dianggap tidak terlalu berharga dibanding ego sekelompok fans tim sepakbola kesayangan. Tidak perlu lagi lah kita berpura-pura menyebut mereka oknum, karena memang betul mereka fans dari tim itu. Saking ngefansnya, mereka jadi buta dan edan-edanan. Disisi lainnya, sejak panas pilgub DKI kemarin, fanatisme buta juga jadi bahan gorengan para […]