2019, new calendar again

Goodbye, 2018. Here comes the 2019.

Some things great came to me on 2018:

  1. I have a wife
  2. She’s pregnant
  3. House
  4. A proper table for me working (which I always dreamed of)
  5. Job promotion
  6. A brand new car.

Some things good I’m waiting for in 2019:

  • Birthday of our baby
  • A proper chair for me working
  • A proper sofa for us watching a movie
  • Healthier life, be grateful anytime

Huuuuuhhhhh…. 2018 passed by, some plans already done. The rests still need to be done. Thank you, God, for everything.

Knowing The Limit

Sometimes when you give up something, that’s the time when you know your limit. Even the numbers are countless, but there’s a limit in your life. Time, money, your house, your age, your journey…, all has its limit.

Limitation is like you’re going forward but then suddenly a big wall is stopping you. Climb up the wall? It’s impossible, the wall has an unlimited height. So, what are you gonna do then? Take a break and be grateful for what you’ve got.

Here Comes WordPress 5.0

WordPress is closing the 2018 with a big major update and with a fresh theme. So here comes the WordPress 5.0.

Thanks for the big update and here are some of highlight features:

Now we can make use of the WordPress editor more and better.

Make this 2 columns like this. No  MORE CSS HACKING.

text with image cover?
looks cool

text with media. looks so shiny

Latest Posts inside a post? Why not!

Thank you for making the web even better with no more 60 dollars premium wordpress theme

the best is going to be better

So.. where has my money gone?

I’m working as programmer, mostly all I do is do all that stuffs remotely (read: remote working). Counting days since the past 2012, honestly, I can’t reach the 4 digits stable-salary kind of yet, but most of these times, -thanks god- it’s more than what I expected, and sometimes, it’s more than what I needed. For this kinda lifestyle, plus I live in little country called Majalengka, Indonesia, 3 digits/month (actually it always reach almost 4 digits) is more than enough, and it’s far above the minimum average salary here where I just spend below 3 USD for one time eating (with a lot foods and enough nutrition) with my wife everyday. So, the big question is, where has the rest of my money gone? 🙁 Continue reading “So.. where has my money gone?”

Pregnancy, Counting Day by Day

As I already mentioned in this post earlier, my wife is pregnant, it is 4 months as I write this post. Me and my wife decided to have a baby once we got married, and lucky us, we’ve got a baby even is still beneath my wife’s body. And here’s the logs of my wife’s pregnancy:

1st month

In the earlier weeks, her condition is in her usually condition, I mean, she doesn’t feel anything unusual or whatever. Everything goes unusual since she stepped on the 2nd week. She pukes all the time until now I write this post, she always pukes once she has eaten. Easily to feel tired.

2nd month

Her weight is decrease a lot. Before pregnant, she’s maintain her weight on 54 kg, but then her weight is just 48 kg. Doctor said it’s because she pukes a lot, so no enough food goes to her body and the baby eats anything she already eaten. Because of that, she easily to feel dizzy. The blood pressure is very low as well. I feel so worry watching her like that.

3rd month

Whatever happened in 2nd month, happened in 3rd month as well. No good progress related to her condition. She was hospitalized because of these. She spent 2 nights at hospital.

4th month

In two last weeks of this month, she’s very stable, her stomach looks bigger finally 😀 But…. in the very last week, her condition is worse than ever. She headache all the time, pukes once she had eaten, yet the weight is increase, finally.

And this is the 5th month, we’re counting until the birthday of our baby.

Dewa, The First Indonesian Band I’ve Ever Loved in My Life

Talk about Dewa, it means talk about some parts of my childhood as well. It’s “Cintailah Cinta“, the album which successfully bought my heart to love their songs, and it was on 2002, back to almost two decades ago. I fell in love with every single song in that album. Continue reading “Dewa, The First Indonesian Band I’ve Ever Loved in My Life”

We’ve Got Married, and We Have To Go to Singapore.

Going to Singapore, just the two of us, it’s just always be a topic in our little chit chat since we date. Now we got married. So, why don’t we make it to be true?

This year, on the 7th of July, we’ve officially become a married couple, about 4 weeks passed from that day, we took the vacation. My wife were on 3 weeks pregnant, hell, it is too risky, but we both wanna go to see Singapore so badly… So “let’s take the risk”, I said. Continue reading “We’ve Got Married, and We Have To Go to Singapore.”

Fanatisme Buta, Benalu Raksasa Kemajuan Bangsa

Peristiwa kemarin, yupe lagi-lagi, nyawa seseorang dianggap tidak terlalu berharga dibanding ego sekelompok fans tim sepakbola kesayangan. Tidak perlu lagi lah kita berpura-pura menyebut mereka oknum, karena memang betul mereka fans dari tim itu. Saking ngefansnya, mereka jadi buta dan edan-edanan.

Disisi lainnya, sejak panas pilgub DKI kemarin, fanatisme buta juga jadi bahan gorengan para punggawa panggung politik kita. Saling fitnah, saling hujat, dilakukan oleh para wayang orang dibawahnya. Lah pantas, para punggawa juga mencontohkannya, seakan tidak malu-malu lagi. Media sosial menjadi medianya. Seakan-akan disitulah semua kebencian mendapatkan jalan tolnya.

Para munafik dan bedebah ini. tidak lagi menjadi munafik ketika jempolnya menari-nari diatas smartphone mereka. Tak peduli betapapun tolol dan bodohnya mereka, smartphone tetaplah smartphone, dan orang bodoh pegang smartphone, tetaplah bodoh seberapapun pintarnya smartphone yang dipegang.

Akhirnya, kemarin semua gumpalan kebencian tanpa dasar itupun kemudian tertuang di atas bumi, dan berhasil menumpahkan darah seseorang hingga nyawanya kehilangan.

Apakah fanatisme pilpres bisa terealisasikan juga, seperti halnya fanatisme viking vs the jak kemarin? We’re waiting and see. Karena polanya sudah terlihat dan terarah.

Yaaaaa. kalau sudah begini kapan bisa maju nih umat? HAHAHA


Beberapa pesan dari saya:

1. Fanatisme berlebih adalah kebodohan.
2. Sibuk-sibuklah membela prinsip daripada membela figur.
3. Jangan biarkan ketololan menyerang intelektual dan daya nalar anda  sampai objektifitas tergerogoti.

We are Living on Earth Full of Codes

These codes wired to each other. From building to building, from machine to machine, from home to home.

But… still we kinda have no idea about what’s going on here.

Where are we? Machine knows where we are. But what are they? we have no idea what they are. actually. sadly.

Post your made-up photos on instagram. What’s behind the Instagram? Actually, we have no idea.

Post your cluttered mind on facebook. What’s behind the Facebook? Actually, we have no idea.

Got your money on e-banking. Spend your money with e-payment. Where’s your money actually? How much? We have no any ideas sadly. It turns out that your money is only goddamn binary.

We’re not using tech. We’re used out by tech.

We’re used out by a billion lines of codes. But still, we have no idea, even just a single line of them.

And.. Hell yeah, I’m a programmer, dudes. Gotcha!