Family Life

Pregnancy, Counting Day by Day

As I already mentioned in this post earlier, my wife is pregnant, it is 4 months as I write this post. Me and my wife decided to have a baby once we got married, and lucky us, we’ve got a baby even is still beneath my wife’s body. And here’s the logs of my wife’s pregnancy:

1st month

In the earlier weeks, her condition is in her usually condition, I mean, she doesn’t feel anything unusual or whatever. Everything goes unusual since she stepped on the 2nd week. She pukes all the time until now I write this post, she always pukes once she has eaten. Easily to feel tired.

2nd month

Her weight is decrease a lot. Before pregnant, she’s maintain her weight on 54 kg, but then her weight is just 48 kg. Doctor said it’s because she pukes a lot, so no enough food goes to her body and the baby eats anything she already eaten. Because of that, she easily to feel dizzy. The blood pressure is very low as well. I feel so worry watching her like that.

3rd month

Whatever happened in 2nd month, happened in 3rd month as well. No good progress related to her condition. She was hospitalized because of these. She spent 2 nights at hospital.

4th month

In two last weeks of this month, she’s very stable, her stomach looks bigger finally 😀 But…. in the very last week, her condition is worse than ever. She headache all the time, pukes once she had eaten, yet the weight is increase, finally.

And this is the 5th month, we’re counting until the birthday of our baby.